Inside Comedy 42

Here are some pictures of the amazing shows we’ve already put on this year! Plus the impromptu stand up show we put on in the car park after the fire alarms had everyone evacuated! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

11403003_485400908274380_9196805452742126241_n 10982741_485400954941042_155500233934524931_n 11666308_485400964941041_1451145500256907239_n 10269202_485405938273877_5043948539527477185_o 10462980_485405964940541_6015532233418173081_n 11181887_485405981607206_7295755086538278012_n10703857_485400884941049_578774049380422635_o


2 responses to “Inside Comedy 42

  1. Hi, I noticed your blog is probably just getting started… I would love to learn more about the group. Maybe an About Us page and do you have any YouTube videos of performances?


    • Hi! Thanks for having a look through our pages! There is an “about” page which should give you a bit more info on us here at Comedy 42! We will be putting up videos etc as we post more but we only just started using our page today so keep a look out for all the fun stuff we’ve got coming up!


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