Sunday August 25th Comedy Anniversary Special at The Spirit Works

Comedy 42, the award winning stand-up comedy show, is back for a special production on August 25th. It’s Chris Purchase’s 10 year comedy birthday and he wants you to come and celebrate with him on his award winning show. Comedy 42 has been selling out venues for the last half a decade and Chris Purchase, the owner and regular host is headlining it for the very first time! Joining him are some of his closest comedy friends who supported him along the way. We have Cornwall’s Graham Wilkes who gave Chris his first festival headline set way back in 2011 and tried to introduce him to Ed Sheeran, we have Jon Pearson who booked Chris to headline a show in Lichfield and ended up meeting the incredible woman that he would later marry and finally we have Paul Revill guest hosting the show who owns and hosts Castle Comedy where Chris used to guest host (and still does occasionally)

All incredible acts and as ever we have amazing cocktails from Tom and Rory!

Come celebrate this special comedy occasion


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